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Mainstage line-ups: what are they worth? (click to interact) May 26, 2010

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  1. carolinebeavon Says:

    A festival ticket seems like an expensive thing – over £130 in a lot of cases, but when you look into the bands you are getting to see, suddenly it seems great value for money.

    By collecting the most recent ticket price for the bands playing on the 6 large festival mainstages, I could work out roughly how much each stage was “worth” and which were the most valuable artists on that stage.

    I sourced the ticket prices from a range of places – and eventually, due to workload, decided to crowdsource the work. I made my Google Docs spreadsheet public, and allowed people to enter the ticket price of any shows they had been too. The promotion of this crowdsourcing also led to an old friend getting in touch, the founder of Ents24 website. He kindly sent me a host of data of recent ticket prices, which helped no end.

    In some cases the bands did not have any recent UK shows, so I used European or US dates and converted the currency.

    The main issue with this chart is the factor of the real “coup” bands, the bands that either don’t tour or have just reformed. Whilst this chart shows the “worth” of the mainstage, how do you put a quantifiable value on the Blink 182 reunion (Reading and Leeds), for example.

  2. carolinebeavon Says:

    How MUCH? Is often the reaction I get from my older relatives when I tell them how much a festival ticket costs nowadays.

    This is normally followed with “you could get a week in Alicante for that!” which is true, but who wants to go to Alicante when you can see some of the biggest bands around.

    So what DO you get for your £150+ quid?

    At Glastonbury you’re getting almost £700 pounds worth of band (calculated by how much it would cost to see them at a show in the UK) – Shakira coming in as the top costing artist, fellow headliner Steve Wonder coming in second. The international pop artists do tend to command the higher prices as they tour less often.

    However, it’s Download that has pulled in the most costly touring band this year – Aerosmith.

    What we haven’t done is take into account the “coup” bands, the newly reformed Blink 182 for example, who are headlining Reading and Leeds, but haven’t toured since reforming – it would be impossible, foolish and inaccurate to guess how much those tickets would sell for.

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